Advanced Medical Care Services

heart-rate-300x255Advanced Medical Care is home to friendly, qualified cardiologists who sincerely care about the well-being of their patients. With offices located in Queens and Brooklyn, our cardiologists extend their professional medical skills to a wide range of people in the New York City area.

At each of our locations, our goal remains consistent: provide the best medical care to patients with health issues that affect the cardiovascular system.

At the head of Advanced Medical Care is Dr. Mikhail Kapchits who brings years of experience to his New York cardiology practice. He aims to provide exceptional services to meet the needs of his patients and maintain Advanced Medical Care’s standing as a premier provider of cardiology services in New York City.

The services offered at Advanced Medical Care include:

➽ Heart Rate

➽ Heartbeat

➽ Blood Pressure

➽ Physical Exam

➽ Blood Tests

➽ Electrocardiogram and Specialized EKGs

➽ Stress Tests

➽ Echocardiogram (ECHO), Stress echocardiogram

➽ Duplex Doppler

➽ Color Doppler

➽ Thallium/Technetium Cardiac Scan

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