Fighting heart issues: enhanced external counterpulsation therapy to keep you healthy

Experiencing tightness, painful sensations, unpleasant heaviness in your chest that are accompanied by shortness of breath, probably you have an angina episode. The condition is a signal that you may have a heart attack. Narrowed blood arteries that prevent normal blood flow to your heart are the main sources of angina. It is manageable, however, only with the right care approach that consists of lifestyle correction and efficient treatment. And one of the methods to alleviate the intensity of the discomfort during each episode is enhanced external counterpulsation therapy.

Find reliable medical assistance for EECP therapy in NYC

EECP is a modern treatment method to eliminate the symptoms that can bother patients with heart issues. With the technique, such as enhanced external counterpulsation therapy, the condition of patients who struggle with frequent and severe angina episodes, as well as people with chronic heart failure or ischemic heart disease is significantly improved. Each treatment session is aimed at dealing with the issues of poor blood flow by applying cuffs around the particular body areas to exert pressure on the blood flow in the arteries. Thus, the procedure reduces the need for nitroglycerin usage. How else can such a type of non-invasive and painless medical process be beneficial:

  • blood supply will be boosted, the discomfort in the chest will disappear;
  •  the number of antianginal drugs and their amount will be reduced;
  • the quality of life, levels of performance, and physical capacity are improved in each patient after EECP therapy in NYC provided by dedicated and highly qualified specialists.

Why proper treatment tactic is essential

Angina is a dangerous condition, and lack of attention to the disease leads to the development of myocardial infarction and increases the risk of death. At the same time, a competently and timely formulated plan that will contain EECP heart treatment and elimination of the causes helps to control the illness, get rid of its signs, and prevent life-threatening consequences. Using the right services, you gain the chance to repair your well-being and keep your life joyful. Thus, if the medication does not bring the expected results, or it is contraindicated for you to undergo surgery, your cardiologist will suggest EECP.

With numerous studies and researchers, as well as expanded knowledge on the safety and great clinical effects associated with the procedure, this type of health care is considered a valuable option for people who suffer from cardiac problems since untreated angina can be hazardous. And the main danger of an attack is its duration. The longer the attack lasts, the more the heart muscle suffers from a lack of oxygen. With oxygen starvation, inevitable changes occur in the heart muscle. Probably, apart from EECP heart treatment that ensures supplying more oxygen to starved areas and enhances blood flow, your cardiologist will offer to optimize prevention of angina attacks by fighting key risk factors, such as excess weight, better blood pressure controlling, diabetes controlling, maintaining a healthy lifestyle (smoking cessation, good nutrition, physical activity), coping with stress. Thus, a comprehensive approach is imperative to retain your heart health and avoid dreadful outcomes.