In recent years, the percentage of cardiac disease has increased which is very unfortunate. A heart attack happens more often with the elderly, but young people are not insured against it. Myocardial infarction is a disruption in the blood supply to the cardiac muscle, usually due to a clogged artery nearby. But when people ask themselves “what is a heart attack?” they should understand what symptoms and triggers exist. In fact, even seemingly insignificant details can seriously affect health. 

If you recognize the problems in time, the possibility of saving a person’s life is higher.

Heart attack symptoms

Signs of a heart attack are easy to recognize. Depending on the severity of the myocardial infarction, they may manifest in part or in full that it will be impossible not to notice such heart attack symptoms. These are some peculiarities:

  • pain in the chest: compression or tightness. It spreads on the back, shoulders, jaw, and arms;
  • feeling of heaviness in the stomach, heartburn, nausea;
  • dyspnea, dizziness, excessive sweating;
  • cough or wheezing when fluid accumulates in the lungs;
  • anxiety and panic are also possible as mini heart attack symptoms;
  • a sharp drop in blood pressure because the organism does not work properly. The name of such condition is a cardiogenic shock;

Signs of a heart attack have various duration. They can be present for a few days, but sometimes their appearance is unpredictable and non-durable. The interesting fact is that people of the opposite sex feel myocardial infarction differently. Heart attack symptoms for women are less visible, and they come more often in the few days before the attack. However, women do not always have chest pain. At the same time, weakness and trembling are quite characteristic for them. By the way, heart attack symptoms for men rarely include sleep problems, for instance, sudden getting up at night, insomnia and tiredness even if a person slept enough.

What causes a heart attack

Before heart attack treatment, it is necessary to find out the factors that provoked such a condition. First of all, a person’s age plays a role. Over time, the body becomes naturally depleted and produces fewer hormones that protect the organism. A certain danger is high cholesterol that contributes to blockage of arteries and blood vessels. A sedentary lifestyle and obesity are able to cause a heart attack.  It is worth noting that people working or living in stressful conditions expose themselves to the danger of getting heart attack symptoms. Alcohol, drugs, and tobacco consumption will definitely not help strengthen the cardiovascular system. On the contrary, these products make it lax. 

A heart attack treatment requires constant patient care, use of medicines to dissolve blood clots. There are also mechanical procedures for restoring blood flow in places with tissue damage. When people already know what causes a heart attack, they can provide complex curing with the right methods. After all, you can only harm without understanding the nature of the disease. In such a way the possibility of a second heart attack is low.